Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum Photo Tour

Updated Gizelle Kopsick Palm Arboretum photo tour.

These images were submitten by Mr. Rick Nale in February 2006 as an update to a previous photo tour of 2001.
It contains new pictures of existing plantings and of
a new addition to the garden dubbed “Phase 2”.

Located next to North Shore pool complex in St Petersburg, the Kopsick Arboretum is free to visit and park.
They have a very nice palm collection despite being only 2 acres.
You can visit their website by using the link provided in the lower left hand corner of the slide show pages.

The image shows a GKPA bed with Teddy Bear palms and three Florida native species.

GKPA Kentiopsis oliviformis.

Corypha utan and Arenga pinata.

Dioon purpusi in cone.

These three buccaneers were all planted at same time. You can see the stunted one is doing its best to produce seed. Yes that is a seed cluster!

This next set of images are Phase 2 plantings at Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum. These plants have been in for a year now, but the photos were taken almost 6 months ago, so there have been more additions.

Phase 2: Copernicia baileyana, a weedy Syagrus botryophora and a coconut.

Phase 2: Livistona rotundifolia (two, one large and one small), to the right Livistona robinsoniana.

Phase 2: Coconut and various cycads.

Phase 2: Chambeyronia macrocarpa in foreground. Thrinax radiata in back.

Phase 2: Wallichia disticha.