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We no longer sell seeds ourselves. But if you have seeds available for others, you may post an ad below. Write a post about the seeds you have available and how someone may contact you directly.

Please do not send any money to anyone, as scams are rampant on the Internet and any posts found here are no exception.

Post your information below.

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We no longer use the previous system below:

Regular seed sales are available to members only. However, the society makes excess seeds available to the general public after seeds appear in two consecutive email listings to members but are not sold.

This is done in an effort to move fresh seed before it spoils.

All seeds have been donated, not purchased. Species are correctly identified, as far as is known. All proceeds benefit the CFPACS chapter treasury.

Please see ordering, payment and shipping information at the bottom of this page

The following seeds are available:

CFPACS Public Seed Offering – Fall Supplement
The following seeds were recently received.
Acoelorrhaphe wrightii- 15 cents each or $10/100
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana – 20 cents each
Arenga caudata- 20 cents each or $15/100
Carpentaria acuminata – 20 cents each
Caryota mitis – 15 cents each or $10/100
Chamaedorea cataractarum- 15 cents each or $10/100
Livistona australis – 15 cents each or $10/100
Livistona benthamii – 20 cents each, $15/100, or $100/1000
Livistona decora (previously L. decipiens) – 20 cents each (limited quantity available)
Roystonea borinquena – 20 cents each, $15/100 or $100/1000
Sabal causiarum – 15 cents each or $10/100
Sabal palmetto – $5/100 or $25/1000
Serenoa repens – $5/100

The following seeds are remaining from the CFPACS Member Fall offerings.
The Quantity left is included in parentheses.

Archontophoenix alexandrae (~200) – 15 cents or $10/100
Arenga australasica (~100) – 25 cents each or $20/100
Butia capitata (~200) – 25 cents each or $20/100
Chamaedorea seifrizii (~500) – 15 cents each or $10/100
Dictosperma album (~200) – 20 cents or $15/100
Dypsis decaryi (~100) – 25 cents each
Dypsis leptocheilos (~1000) – 30 cents or $25/100
Dypsis lutescens (~150) – 15 cents each or $10/100
Geonoma interrupta (~300) – 35 cents each or $28/100 (collected in habitat in Trinidad)
Licuala spinosa (~50) – 25 cents each or $20/100
Manicaria saccifera (~100) – 50 cents each (collected in habitat in Trinidad)
Phoenix reclinata (~300) – 15 cents each or $10/100
Phoenix roebelenii (~300) – 15 cents each or $10/100
Phoenix sylvestris (~200) – 30 cents each or $25/100
Ptychosperma microcarpum (~300) – 15 cents each or $10/100

Please send requests via our Contact Form.

Ordering instructions:

Minimum order is $5 plus postage.
Please submit your request via our Contact Form, and state the specie(s) you want and the seed quantity for each specie. If the seeds you want are still in inventory, an invoice for seeds plus postage will be emailed to you.

Postage will be first-class mail up to 13 oz., then parcel post or priority mail. Be sure to include your name, and mailing address with zip code.

We can mail seeds to locations outside of the USA if they have an agreement with the United States Postal Service to accept shipments via Global Priority Mail. This is flat-rate envelope service (large $9.50, small $5.25). Therefore, quantities of large seeds cannot be shipped using this method. USPS.com can provide additional information about service to countries outside of the USA.