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Palm Seedbank
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Our previous system worked as follows:

The CFPACS seedbank makes seed available to members on a regular basis. It is supported by seed donations from members, non-members, botanical institutions, commercial vendors and others. Both U.S. and international members donate seed to the bank on a regular basis.

The seedbank coordinator maintains a list of available seeds that is emailed, on a regular basis, to the society’s members. Members receive the seed list if they checked the Send me email notification when new seeds are available box when filling in their society membership application form.

The funds obtained from the sale of the seeds go to the society’s treasury.

Past Seedbank Donors

CFPACS Seed Donations:

Aiphanes minima – Mike Dahme
Arenga australasica – Christian Faulkner
Arenga englari – John Green
Arenga porphyrocarpa – Jerry Hooper
Bismarckia nobilis – Joe and Anne Michael
Borassus aethiopum – Joe and Anne Michael
Butia capitata – Dean Van DerBleek
Chamaedorea radicalis – Dean Van DerBleek
Dypsis lutescens – John Green
Dypsis decaryi – Mike Dahme
Euterpe oleracea x edulis – Mike Dahme
Gmelina hystrix – Shri Dhar
Licula spinosa – Mike Dahme
Murraya koennigii – Shri Dhar
Phoenix roebelinii – John Green
Phoenix reclinata – John Green
Phoenix sylvestris – Dean Van DerBleek
Ptychosperma elegans – Mike Dahme
Ptychosperma microcarpum – Mike Dahme
Syagrus coronata – Jerry Hooper